Macrame Eventwear

For the extravagant and cool woman to be brave, free, powerful and even mesmerizing at a special event.


Would you like to choose my creation for a Special Event?
I design your Macrame Event Dress personally to You.
Therefore we should meet each other more than 3 months before the Date!


  1. Be inspired by my Eventwear Portfolio
  2. Choose the Price Category which is matchy with your Dress Budget.
  3. Check the Products under the Price Category: Bronze/ Silver/ Gold.
  4. Book appointment, Meet Me & Try On your Favorite DADO Event Macrame at Wedding Showroom.
  5. I help You find the perfect silhouette to look beautiful at the Event.
    (Please, wear nude lingerie and natural make-up on this day.)
  6. We discuss your Sizes.
  7. We choose the Yarntype and Yarncolor, the Accessories (tulle, glass pearls) of your future macrame event dress. 
  8. We make an Agreement , Sign the documents, and you must pay a Deposit.
  9. I start to order the yarns / textiles and I Start to Design your Event Macrame Dress.
  10. On our 2. meeting you try on your dress and I check the details, how to continue the process.
  11. There are silhuettes which need 3-4 meeting until they will be ready to wear.
  12. 2-3 weeks before the Day, we meet again and you can take your unique DADO creation to your home.
  13. Event Macrame Prices start from 210 EUR
  14. Extreme levelled variations or a totally custom designed Macrame Event Dress start from 930 EUR.

You can surprise your beloved ones with the feeling of a custom design process
& a custom designed event dress through an EVENTWEAR • GIFT CARD.

You can buy it from the webshop, HERE.

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Product Options

Event Dress with Shoulder
Event Dress with Tulle
Event Outfit with Underwear