Designer • CEO 

The unique and limited, haute couture yarn dresses are made by the owner & designer; Dalma Dénes.

Below a few years of working as creative at an advertising agency; the designer, Dalma Dénes have fallen in love with the types of knots & yarns and started to build her Dreamworld in 2018.

She has always loved to do creative things and communicate with the world through clothes, ever since she was a child.

She is a Marketing Specialist, Contemporary Dancer & Macrame Designer.

DADO is Dalma’s nickname from her childhood, and means also the typical style of the designer – modern, extravagant, brave, playful but pure, elegant, mesmerizing.

The yarn dresses in her brand reflect her personality – they are • cool – stylish – but even feminine.

Thinking in creative concepts and creating strong messages & memorable visual world for the collections is a specialty of the designer.




Higher Love macrame dress – Best 29 Hungarian BridalDress of 2023

Strangelove macrame dress photo – Best wedding fashion photo • CEWES 2023

Special Events

Milano Bridal Week 2024
Bridal Fashion Show Budapest 2023
Pillanat Műve Contemporary Dance Performance 2023
Bridal Fashion Show Budapest
2022 Fall, Spring
Bridal Fashion Show Budapest 2021

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I am always excited to create something wonderful. For me this is not a job. LOVE. Thank you to support my dreams.

“In our futuristic & mechanized world we need to slow down & get contact with real human made things; because they have souls, stories & this is what reload ourselves in our ”robotical” everydays. They give us real experiences & memories.”



Each DADO dress is 100% handmade; made with new wave fusion of macrame technique and sewing. One dress can be created of minimum 1000 small knots. Therefore the dresses have the magical “spirit” of the artist.


“I create when I am in ”ARTMOOD”. Not in worktime. This mindset and the feeling of the artflow is my key and therefore are the knots and the macrame dresses so beautiful. The most important thing for me is the freedom in working & spending enough and slow time with yarns and knots.”

what are my goals?

To live and work from Italy / preferated areaS – puglia • LIGURIA • Toscana • campania
Next to my brand i am also interested in exciting cooperations,
partial or full-time designer jobs at a famous italian fashion brand / wedding team.

For me the most important things: to have the freedom of art; to have enough time to design and even enough free-time for life balance and for beautiful handmade artworks. I love learning new techniques & languages.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have an offer for me! I am ready to move!

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A list of things I love
  • Italy & the small Italian villages
  • bathing in the sea
  • sunbathing with books
  • cycling on my camping bike
  • fashion magazines
  • kayaking with my love
  • gardening at home
  • pistacchio • spinach • pasta
  • sushi sushi sushi
  • espresso-tonic • wine
  • museums & exhibitions
  • contemporary dance
  • handmade design products