ORIGO campaign

The campaign „ORIGO” is the rebranding campaign of DADO macramewonders.
After 4 years I felt that so many things changed in my mind, in my style and even with the brand. And I felt, I found my way. So I decided to renew the whole brand identity; we designed new logo, new website, new photoshoot campaign… etc. to show you the new modern, elegant and pure DADO…
With focus on:
– BridalWear: for modern brides
– EventWear: for modern women & Costume Design for Artists, Singers, Dancers etc.
– DecorArt: for those who like the feeling of „custom and personal design” in their home

Check the details of all dresses by the Portfolio: BridalWear & EventWear sites!
You can order these macramewonders just through „custom orders” because we need some consultation to have the perfect dress!