Discover the AMARE macrame bridal outfits directly from the runway & be inspired to design your unique macrame bridal gown for your elopement beach wedding in 2024. Book appointment HERE & try on the silhouettes at Wedding Showroom. 

look #1


avy patterned beautiful macrame bridal beach top with an extreme tulle string-skirt and a beach bridal short for a hot elopement wedding day by the seaside. Mix it with my handmade macrame bridal sandals or be barefoot to feel the sands and the sea under your feet. For young, modern & free brides.



avy patterned beautiful macrame bridal beach midi dress with hand sewed underdress & a SELENITE crystal macrame necklace. Choose as your second dress on your big day; order it as long dress variation or in colorful version for your wedding party.



s a luxy fishing net. Unique painted macrame maxi dress with shiny tulle stole & a hand sewed flexible bridal beach body as underwear. Made with micro macrame, micro yarns & thousands of little knots. Exclusive beauty for the modern brides.



eminine powered macrame beach bridal dress with gold hand sewed beach bridal short. Do you feel the sands under your feet and the wind on your face? Oh Yes! Wear it with shell decored accessories and a DADO micro macrame bridal shoes. So mesmerizing. You can wear this wonder even when you are pregnant. Check our maternity shoot and be inspired!



y lovely favorite: micro macrame sea animals - a small seahorse, crabs & fish on a fine minimalist maxi dress and a supercool accessory: the lightning micro macrame jellyfish! Would you like to have more animals to your dress! Can't wait to do it! That's unbelievable!



s the fairy of the sea. Wavy patterned high necked macrame bridal dress with snow white wavy tulle strings mixed with a hand sewed top and bridal beach short. You can order it even as crop top + skirt variation. Or choose in colorful option for your wedding after party.



acrame mermaid dress with thousands of knots. There are no words how many feelings are in a dress which is made of hands for long workhours. So beautiful. You can choose it as long, maxi dress also!

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